Increased Cutting Applications

More sheet metal, more parts, more variety. Laser cutting systems in XXL-format offer users the opportunity to set themselves apart from the competition. That is why Bystronic extends the BySprint Fiber fiber laser to the 6520 format. The machine can optionally be equipped with the Fiber 3000, 4000, or 6000 laser sources.

With the new large-format, users can process sheet metal up to 6.5 x 2 meters on the BySprint Fiber. This increases the productivity of the machine because cut parts can be nested more efficiently on large-format sheet metal. Unwanted waste in the raw material is significantly reduced. The BySoft 7 process software supports users this way with intelligent nesting procedure.

In addition, the large-format increases the variety of cutting applications on the BySprint Fiber. In addition to various small parts, large parts can also be cut from a large-format sheet metal as needed, without interrupting the machine during the laser cutting for repositioning. This is a competitive advantage not offered by laser cutting systems in current standard formats.


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