CFW Laser was established in 2006 and offers precision profile cutting and bending.

CNC Laser Profiling
Excellent laser cutting service, with competitive pricing and on-time delivery.
We can accommodate sheet sizes of maximum 4 meter x 2 meter and can laser cut mild steel up to 20mm thick. The team are dedicated to excellent service, competitive pricing and on-time delivery.

CNC Bending
Fast, accurate sheetmetal bending – positioning accuracy of up to 0.005 mm 
Accommodates up to 10 mm thickness for 3 meter sheet (up to 4 meter for thinner plate)

Split tooling for different lengths and applications

Special applications possible thanks to lower tool displacement, enabling flattening and folding

CNC Punching    
Fast, accurate and economical punching of mild steel and aluminium sheet up to 6.0mm thick and stainless steel up to 3.0 mm thick.

CNC Machining
Computerised mass production turning and milling facilities. Manufacturing of hubs, pulleys, blades etc. 

CNC Spinning
Multifunctional computerised spinning and punching machine.

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